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SCAM ALERT: Scam Artist, Grifter, Fraud! - How well do YOU know Karen DiBias?

Here's the story...

Let's' take a step back in the Way Back Machine.. 

Mr. Peabody, Sherman and the Way Back Machine

​Around 2020, Karen DeBias was complaining on FB that her pet sitting business was not doing well.  I responded nicely  - for all her friends to see - with “Time Tested Marketing Concepts” that would have helped her considerably if she put them into process. No reply came. I figured, "OK, I tried..."

Shortly after my offer, Karen made a long pitiful post asking for clients to pay ahead for future pet sits. Apparently this put her in debt to all who donated. 

A few weeks ago I had seen numerous posts around March 2022 on FB by Karen DiBias asking for GoFundMe help as well one about money someone had "Bilked $8,000" out of her. I responded with a query as to why she let that happen and why she was not claiming fraud through her bank. "Let's see copies of the police reports to back these stories up."


Frankly I was tired of seeing her Pity Party / Poor Me Posts on Dundee High School Class of 73' and 74' FB (she was ONLY class of 73').


I also pointed out that my wife Cindy was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer IV in May 2001, given less than a year to live, and how we went “All Alternative”. Cindy lived for 4 1/2 years! And, we didn't organize multiple GFM or any other online funding sources for living expenses. I went to work cleaning swimming pools; a far cry after I was hit hard after 9/11 from my Romantic America Travel Books days (25 books), and took care of Cindy. It WAS NOT easy!

Cindy & Ken, Superheros! at Comic Con April 2021

The World Was At Our Fingertips!

Karens response - and her friends -  was nothing more than seething, viscous, cruel and MANY foul words were used as well as derogatory statements about my parents, the way I was raised and, how “I wasn’t over Cindy and I had issues to work out”)


When I reiterated that Karen did not reply to my helping her with “Proven Marketing Concepts For Any Business” her reply was: "So that's' why your panties are in a twist, I didn't respond to you when I had a "Successful Business" going on. Go F$%k yourself Ken" (sic). 


In this 100-sentence rant she said was using the GFM $$$ for her personal bills. Then why is she being sued for non-payment of her bills and that a realty judgement is currently against her? 

Don’t believe me? Go to 

How to sign in" Go To SMART SEARCH Type in
DeBias, Karen


A few months after Covid shutdown after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer  Karen DeBias and /or her cousin set up a Give In Kind page AND a GoFundMe page (I'm told this is her 3rd or 4th GFM) and I believe, one for her son in Ukraine (is he getting any $$?). She is looking for people to purchase and send gift cards for Give in Kind (click to see these) WOW! 






In August 2022, she was complaining about a puppy breeder screwing her out of $600 As well as FIVE - (count em’ 5) other "Poor Me" scams against her (that we know about)! Let’s see the police reports! Does she really need SIX DOGS?


(5 in the last 7 months!)

3/20/22: Poor Me - $8000+ Scam PDF


3/21/22: Poor Me - Debit Card Scam PDF


5/2002: Poor Me - $5800 Scam PDF


6/7/22 Poor Me - Identity Card Scam PDF


8/4/22 Poor Me - Puppy Scam PDF

What bothered me the most was in March 2022 - and before -  on her FB page, as well as Dundee High School Class of 73' and 74' (again, she was ONLY class of 73'), she had posted numerous times about how cancer was becoming an issue in her life and apparently, she had a Go Fund Me page set up around July 2020  with weekly/monthly updates. (we suspect, at some point, she had a second GMF page, possibly three or four)


Karen complains about not having enough funds to pay her expenses, yet in May, 2021 (barely 10 months after "Hard Chemo Treatments"),  a friend from Tennessee came to visit Karen to celebrate Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo and Karen took a photo of her dancing at a local restaurant with live music with NO mask! After her claims of months of “Hard Chemo” - which lowers your immune system - in the middle of the Pandemic is very irresponsible. (I don't mind helping others in need with food, utilities, medical, but I certainly will not donate money for someone to take a vacation!).


Note: this FMH Post was a month BEFORE her friend from Tennessee visited!





I'll take the one in the one in the turban!


Suddenly, I was getting responses from "Reliable Sources" that she had committed numerous frauds and scams over the years. As I researched further, I was astonished to see court records going back to 2009 when she had fraudulently acquired her ex-husband's credit cards and ran up charges to upwards of $89,000+!

How Karen DeBias Screwed Her Ex-Husband Out Of $89,000+PDF

THIS JUST IN 10/15/22: Karen posted on her FB site how the charges were dismissed. They were not! Seems she had it continued until 11/2016, 2 years after Terry died!!  However, she was ordered in 2010 to do 100 hours of community service. The judge wouldn't do that without a reason!


Currently she has three civil cases pending. Two are from third party debt collectors for delinquent credit cards, the other is an impending foreclosure. And in 1991 filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as well as in 2008, Apparently, she has learned nothing about handling money and finances.

Am I being unsympathetic to her plight? Certainly Not! I am, however, tired of seeing her Pity Party / Poor Me Posts.


Now that I've had the opportunity to review all of the information that I was not aware of previously - and Yes, have dragged my feet during the past several weeks - I felt it was my moral obligation to call her out. Sadly, she is a Scam Artist, Seemingly Without A Conscience.

If she were an Honest Person she would be posting 'Thank You' Everyone For Your Support for the money given to her and how they were helping take care of her bills. Not posting pictures of her with a towel wrapped around her head “supposedly” under chemotherapy treatments, and all the while trying to move to South Carolina.

This is NOT KD's first GFM campaign and it's become a way of life to beg people for $$$ and bail her out of her own poor decisions and choices. As an adult, she is responsible for her own life, decisions and finances. Perhaps she should live within her means?  The current GFM was organized in December, 2020 - almost two years ago. (I have it on good authority that this is not the first GFM to be set up)


So, having said all that the final conclusion is "Somethin's Missin!"












I am calling you out Ms. Karen DiBias! You are an embarrassment to our High School Class of 73' and... Shame On You!
















BTW: Her current GFM account has raised $14,895.00 We don’t know what Give In Kind has taken in and/or other ones!

 1) Karen GMF main.jpg

Linda Ronstadt ~ Poor Poor Pitiful Me

I’ll Be Watching You - Police

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