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September 1, 2023

SCAM ALERT: Scam Artist, Grifter, Fraud!

How well do YOU know Karen DiBias?

Well, here we go again, the  “Poor me, I’ve been scammed again tour" and the life of Karen De Bias continues. 

As a reminder to refresh your memory, go to

Here we go: June 29, 2023:

Sale of Karen's house: We located the Warranty Deed from the sale of 403 N. Lord Ave., Carpentersville, IL 60110. The closing took place on June 29, 2023. Sales price was $215,000.00. After all closing costs, liens, mortgage, Jr. mortgage to repay the credit card companies and banks she defrauded ID theft and financial fraud (part of her sentencing mittimus), civil judgments, title charges, survey fee, tax prorations, attorney fee, real estate commission) she may have netted between $24K to $30K (ballpark figures). Not a lot considering the house sold for $215,000.00.


NEXT STOP:  July 4, 2023, Daytona Beach, FL where she drove from Illinois with her two dogs.


Scam claims:

KDB alleges signed up for a Rod Stewart Fan club on FB, and based on text messages on FB, she moved to Daytona Beach to be Mr. Stewart’s Personal Assistant in Florida.  OK, but this is 100% suspicious. 


She became a ““VICTIM” of this scammers elaborate scam through this impersonator and was scammed out of the $35,000 she received from the sale of her house!". Now she “has NOTHING and is PENNILESS”! The “Impersonator” scammed her out of $35,000 from May to July 11th [she didn't close on the house until 7/29/2023] in an awful apartment leasing scam and an offer to work as Mr. Stewart’s Personal Assistant in Florida. It started out innocent enough with a FAN CLUB ID card” (apparently, she had been warned her about scams such as these during the past 2-3 years). 


Don’t believe me? Check out her FB posts: 

IMAGE 1 .jpg
IMAGE 2.jpg
IMAGE 3.jpg
IMAGE 3B.jpg

Although the so-called "scammer" did apologize for taking her money! You have to wonder who is the real person behind these comments. 


She then contacted the FBI: “Posted that the FBI Cyber Department sent her a request for money up front about the hoax/scam which reported to the FBI(???)". According to KDB, they wanted the victim to pay $500.00 for attorney fees and another $300.00 for taxes on a partial refund of fees.” WTH? Seriously????  


KDB claims to have “contacted the FBI”.  Okay, let's see the report! Not a betting person here, but we sincerely doubt she ever contacted the FBI or any law enforcement agency.  They would see through her web of deception and charge her with filing a false police report (misdemeanor or felony).

IMAGE 4.jpg

• The FBI takes these accusations seriously, they are a law enforcement agency, they never ask for any money from a crime victim. We don’t know if she fell for this "scam" but given her record, it's another attempt at a pity party.


Another troubling fact we have is if you were going to enter into a lease agreement, or sign a contract to become a “Personal Assistant”, wouldn’t you have a lawyer or at least, a paralegal review these agreements before you signed them and gave them money? Why would you pay anyone $$$ to work for them????  None of this makes any sense, and yet, she’s posting on social media crying and whining about how she was “duped”.  We did not see any link on the Rod Stewart Fan Club Page where you had to pay them any money to join, and, it’s a public page.  


We believe what really happened was KDB was trying to rent property in Daytona Beach, FL and the owner ran her credit and background check and wanted at least 6 to 8 months rent up front plus the security deposit.

IMAGE 5.jpg

Apparently she has cousins on the Gulf Coast but never reached out to them for advice on a place to live and offer suggestions. The Gulf Coast is only 4+ hrs away. Did she ever make it to Daytona Beach? No pictures of the race track or ocean ever showed up on FB!


• Not sure what this “Bitcoin Scam” and it appears to be a rather convenient story in a desperate attempt to her long list of "woes"!


July 14, 2023, NOW IN COLORADO

IMAGE 6.jpg
IMAGE 7.jpg

Karen, drove to Clifton Colorado, to stay with her sister in a 960 sq ft house with two bedrooms. With two dogs added to her sister's one, that is going to be very crowded house! Also posted her sisters address on FB, bad idea and was warned to take it down by friends as “people troll and commit crimes.”  One has to wonder how long before her welcome wears thin with her sister. (if it hasn't already!)


‘Clifton Colorado Message Board’ Post:

“Looking for anyone who might have a spare Queen sized bed frame to give away? Just moved here penniless because of an elaborate leasing scam that happened in Florida on July 11, 2023". Seriously? I'm sure she could find one for $20.00 (or less) at GOODWILL. (she is ALWAYS looking for a handout!)

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST, she is trying to reestablish herself with her “Pet Sitting Customers” in Illinois. From Colorado??? Yet again, the potential for a GMF scheme or similar account to help Poor, Poor Me!

IMAGE 8.jpg

PLUS: She had one of our classmates - Keith Tompkins - do repairs on her house in order to pass the home inspection.  He paid for ALL materials, work and after the closing on 7/29/2023, she skipped town without paying him back!



Karen is looking to go to the 1973 DCHS 50 year class reunion September 14 and is asking people to drive with and / or to help with airfare. OH NO!  Can you imagine stuck in a corner - or car -  with Ms, Karen De Bias? She's complaining she has no money (broke, penniless) yet she is asking for people to donate to her so she can attend a reunion/party? Some priorities! If you want to attend, pay your own airfare and lodging!  


Here’s a potential conversation: 


“So Karen’ how’s life been treating you?”


"Not good, I moved to Florida, and got scammed for $35,000! Now I am Penniless and Homeless and living with my sister in a 960 sq. ft. house with my two dogs and her dog! Also, my pet sitting business in Illinois went belly up because someone scammed me then.”


“Oh, that’s too bad”


“Can you lend me some money?”


“Oops, look at the time.. Gotta Go!”


Friends, I am not being malicious in any shape or form to Karen De Bias, it is however, my contention that she’s is a GRIFTER and CON ARTIST topped with a healthy dose of “Poor Me’’ scams with no conscience as to the people she has harmed along the way. These are desperate attempts to prey upon people’s goodness and their kind hearts to feel sorry for her and ask for her new address to send her a check, gift card, or cash.  DO NOT DO THIS!


In short, she is an embarrassment to the DCHS Class of 1973!


Yes, we all have had complications in our lives, yet we have persevered. But not Ms. Karen De Bias! While she should be enjoying her Golden Years - like the rest of us.. Karen De Bias is out scamming the world! Sad.. very, very sad!


I finish with this: All I can say is, be careful once she starts posting or asking for money - possibly on - it is inevitable!


To wrap this up, let’s go with this post by KDB from June, 2022:


BTW in order for anyone to file a tax return (federal, state) you have to sign up for a PIN and do a facial recognition with the IRS.

IMAGE 9.jpg
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