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Ambassador of Loves' 6 Step Plan To Promote Love and Harmony In Your Life!

Step 6 ~ Enjoy Yourself  / Everything's Gonna Be All Right!

If you watch no video in this series, WATCH THIS ONE! Your life will be better, Guaranteed!

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Step 5 ~ Trouble TV In Every City

A salute to The Music Man musical.

Don’t Feed Your Mind With Garbage!

Step 4 ~ Read A Good Book: featuring 50 Shades Of Grey Review

Step 3 ~ Be Kind To All Creatures Great And Small

Step 2 ~ Stop And Smell The Roses

 Step  I ~ Social Media: Let’s put some Zip A Dee Do Da back In Our Lives!


Watch the videos from April 5 ~ May 3, 2021

1) Social Media: Let’s put some Zip A Dee Do Da back In Our Lives

2) Stop And Smell The Roses

3) Be Kind To All Creatures Great And Small

4) Read A Good Book; featuring 50 Shades Of Grey review

5) Trouble TV In Every City. Don’t feed your mind with garbage
     (a salute to The Music Man musical) 

6) Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think / Everything's Gonna Be All Right

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Contact Ken

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Author Ken Christensen does

Live Remote Interviews

and is well versed in discussing his
Six Step Plan to Promote
Love and Harmony, 

and how to keep Romance Alive
in our Everyday Lives


for further information and to arrange
Remote Interviews
contact Ken Christensen at


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The Art Of Romance ~ The Book
How To Be Romantic on a Daily Basis

0nce Upon A Time on a Tuesday Afternoon, author Ken Christensen discovered a dust coved book in a book store  titled The Art Of Romance. Inspired, the more he read it, the more he realized that this was a lifestyle worth pursuing.

Over the years, Romantic Adventures were incorporated into his relationships. All were received with great enthusiasm by his lady friends!

In 1990 Ken wrote Romantic San Diego and then developed the Romantic America Travel Book Series and researched, wrote and published 25 travel books through 2005. The theme “The Art Of Romance” is prevalent in these books and features information on How To Be Romantic On A Daily Basis.

In 2021 the entire catalog of “Romantic Information” was published as one informative book; The Art Of Romance.

Featuring timeless ideas that remain current in the 21st century, this book is sure to inspire any relationship whether new, moving forward, or.. “We need something different in our lives!”.

It is about establishing your own style which sets you apart from the crowd while giving you a personalized signature, a “gift” that is lovingly bestowed upon any new, or continuing relationship.

What’s else is in The Art Of Romance?

Within this book you will find an abundance of information on How To Be Romantic on a Daily Basis:
• Dating and Dining tips
• Buying Flowers and Gifts
• How To Pack A Picnic Basket
• Romantic Dinners At Home
• Inexpensive Adventures
• Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe
• Romantic Massages
• The Ultimate Bubble Bath
• The Perfect Feather Bed
• Romantic Music & Movies
• Inspirational poems
• Recipes from the finest Bed & Breakfast Inns on the West Coast

Love Notes:  100+ Sensual suggestions to share with your partner.

And more...

How does Romance and
Falling In Love begin and evolve?

The first six chapters of The Art Of Romance not only give you a better understanding of how it all works, but shows you step by step on what it takes to create a relationship that will bloom and grow to everything you have always dreamed of.

Which Degree is Your Relationship In?

Watch the entire video,
the Six Degree Of Loves Breakdown

First Degree Of Love: The Best Is Yet To Come

Second Degree Of Love: It’s Getting Better

Third Degree Of Love: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Fourth Degree Of Love: Crazy On You

Fifth Degree Of Love: Slave To Love

Sixth Degree Of Love: The Rhythm Divine

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